Cryosurgery equipment

We offer our customers a new generation of cryosurgery devices from CyroIQ.

CryoIQ® is the market leader in innovative cryosurgery devices for both human medicine and veterinary medicine.

CryoIQ® cryosurgical devices have been developed using state-of-the-art technology with the main goal of providing patients with top-level execution of cryosurgical procedures.

CryoIQ® provides affordable, safe and effective care for a wide range of skin conditions in a variety of medical disciplines, including general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, urology, podiatry, ophthalmology, veterinary medicine and aesthetic medicine.

CryoIQ® devices are portable and compact and enable precise and controlled treatment. CryoIQ® units feature a specially engineered precision atomizer, maintaining a constant freezing temperature of -89°C / -127°F and a freezing force of 725 psi. This cutting-edge technology ensures that treatment of skin lesions with CryoIQ® is fast, safe, cost-effective and does not require anaesthesia.

Our versatile devices are equipped with a fixed applicator for small, common treatments. There are also different interchangeable applicators in the selection, which offer a wider choice for the use of different procedures.

One of the main advantages of CryoIQ® is the use of disposable nitrous oxide cartridges. This solution ensures a quick, simple and safe procedure without time-consuming preparation.

All of our nitrous oxide (N2O) gas cartridges have a built-in valve that does not leak, so there is no need to change gas cartridges frequently.

It is important to note that all CryoIQ products are developed and manufactured in a dedicated factory and thus production does not depend on external production sites. This approach provides full control over the quality and continuous product development process.

We have 2 devices in our selection:

CryoIQ DERM Plus cryotherapy system
CryoIQ PRO cryotherapy system

In addition, it is possible to choose a special nozzle according to the specifications, we also sell separate N2O cylinders.

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CryoIQ DERM Plus cryotherapy system

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