Wet Wipe develops, manufactures and sells high-quality disposable cleaning and disinfection solutions, focusing on various sectors where surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Products research and development takes place in Denmark and production in Germany, in the most modern factories in Europe in its field. Production meets more stringent quality and environmental standards, such as cGMP and HACCP. The company is certified with ISO 13485, ISO 14971.

Wet Wipe’s specialized solutions are designed to reduce the time and cost of cleaning and disinfection. The use of disposable cleaning cloths has minimized contamination and contamination of the working environment.

The products are color coded to help the user quickly identify the right product. The products have been developed in a way that eliminates the need to measure and mix chemicals by hand.

Products levels

Surface disinfection products are intended for general cleaning, from regular disinfection to isolation and outbreaks of disease.

  1. Cleaning: time saving, efficient cleaning;
  1. Routine and daily disinfection: against vegetative bacteria, yeasts and viruses
  1. Isolation and outbreak: disinfection during the most resistant strains, isolation and outbreaks.

Thanks to the unique surface of the clean cloth, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria are removed.

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