Personal protective equipment

Wet Wipe develops, manufactures and sells high-quality disposable cleaning and disinfection solutions focusing on various sectors. Research and development takes place in Denmark and production in Germany, in the most modern factories in Europe in its field. Production meets more stringent quality and environmental standards, such as cGMP and HACCP. The company is certified with ISO 13485, ISO 14971.

Door Caddy personal protective bag, for hanging.

The use: for storage of personal protective equipment for personnel, such as coats, gloves, hats, cleaning and disinfection equipment, on insulation wards.

The insulation ward bag is an alternative to a cleaning trolley, which is more demanding, takes up more space and needs to be cleaned and disinfected after use. The Door Caddy is designed to be hung on the door of an isolated patient ward and is patient-based.


  • Wet Wipe Door Caddy, personal protective equipment storage bag, insulation for ward door;

  • Hanging on the door and easy to attach;

  • All necessary personal protective equipment is stored in one place;

  • Quick and convenient for staff to use;

  • Gloves, coats, masks, disinfectant cloths can be stored permanently, e.g. Wet Wipe Chlorine;

  • The pockets are closed at the top to prevent volatile dust or dirt from entering the equipment;

  • It is possible to store 3 sizes of gloves, which can be quickly received through the opening, size marking in the pocket;

  • An alternative to trolleys / baskets that take up space and also require disinfection after each use;

  • Takes less space, does not take up floor space, keeps floors clean, can be used in a very small space;

  • Wet Wipe Door Caddy is for single use, patient-based.

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