Clavicle Immobilizer (size M)

Clavicle Immobilizer (size M)


Clavicle Immobilizer size M

Immobilizer for clavicles affected by injury.

Helps maintain the proper posture.

Very easy to adjust with the 4 set points.

The strips incorporate an axillary padding of polyurethane foam for greater patient comfort.

Can be worn under clothing.

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  1. Before installing the immobilizer, the tapes must be passed through the rings and the velcro strap must be glued together with the pads installed on it;
  2. Put on the device like a vest;
  3. Adjust the immobilizer until it feels comfortable.

Product features

  • Collarbone protection helps maintain correct posture;
  • The product is very easy to adjust with 4 setting points;
  • The product can be worn under clothes;
  • For patient comfort, the strips have polyurethane foam underarm padding. The product has 4 rings that facilitate its positioning, preventing inadvertent sliding.

Precautions and recommendations

The product is intended for patient-specific use!
Do not use the product on damaged skin!
Do not use the product if it is contaminated, dirty or damaged!

Storage and shelf life

Keep away from sunlight!

Keep dry!

Shelf life: 5 years!

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