Clowet  washing gloves

Clowet  washing gloves


Clowet  washing gloves N8

Product benefits:

  • Safe for sensitive skin;
  • Less time required for hygiene compared to sponge baths;
  • Paraben-free, latex-free and fragrance-free;
  • Clowet wet washing gloves are a pre-moistened ready-to-use product for washing and moisturizing the whole body.
  • Free of fragrances, dyes, preservatives and parabens.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Clowet wet washing gloves are also ideal for cleaning the face and hands. Convenient, fast and practical when there is no water at hand.

Moist wash gloves are delicate and soft on the skin, embossed, the shape of the product by hand, does not roll when used, strong, double fastening around, also makes the product tear-resistant.

Disposable, skinless cleaning and care product moistened with a gentle alkali-free detergent, which is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin, odorless.

8 gloves in resealable pack.


Wet wash gloves Glowet features:

  • Moist washing gloves are very soft and gentle on the patient’s skin;
  • Comfortable, embossed and hand-shaped glove shape that does not roll during use;
  • The edges of the glove have a double strong fastening, which makes the product very durable and tear-resistant;
  • Dermatologically tested, alcohol- and alkali-free product;
  • pH neutral for the skin;
  • Replaces washing with water and detergent and saves time;
  • No need to rinse or dry;
  • Soap-free product;
  • Skin-friendly does not contain dyes, fragrances, preservatives or parabens;
  • Also suitable for sensitive and dry skin;
  • Convenient and time-saving to use;
  • Compared to a textile washcloth, the product is hygienic and disposable;
  • Avoids cross contamination.

Instructions for use

Use one side of the wash mitt on each specific part of the body, then the mitt can be turned over and continue to clean the other part of the body. If desired, the package can be warmed first either in hot water, on a radiator or in a microwave oven at 800W for 30 seconds, so that it is more comfortable for the patient’s skin to use the warm product. The product is suitable for patients with limited mobility, caregiving patients, intensive care patients and also for people who do not have the possibility to wash with water in certain situations (for example, when hiking, in summer cottages, when traveling). The product is a quick and easy solution for cleaning the skin without damaging it.

Glowet wet wash gloves are pre-moistened with a gentle detergent, they can be used at room temperature or the package can be preheated in a microwave oven or on a radiator, for example.

Moist wash gloves are soft and gentle on the patient’s skin.

The washing gloves contain a moisturizing, dermatologically tested, alcohol- and alkali-free lotion. The comfortable embossed shape of the glove does not roll during use, and the edges of the glove are double fastened, which makes the product durable and also prevents the product from tearing.

The product does not require rinsing, and when used moisturizes and protects the patient’s skin. Glowet wet wash gloves are also suitable for washing and caring for sensitive and dry skin.

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