Dispobaño Body and hair wash 1000ml.

Dispobaño Body and hair wash 1000ml.


Dispobaño Shampoo-gel 2 in 1

Product information: 1000 ml pump bottle.

Bath and shower gel for daily hygiene.

Contains moisturizer and moisturizing agents for skin care.

Suitable for hair.

pH 5.5.

Contains moisturizer and moisturizing agents.

Perfume and dye-free.

Dermatologically tested.

1000ml. bottle

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Directly dose a small amount on slightly damp hands and rub gently. Can also be applied on a sponge or diluted in water for application.


Do not swallow!

Do not throw into the toilet!

Throw it in the rubbish!

Keep away from children!


Keep away from light!

Keep away from rain and moisture!

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