DISPOWIPE FACIAL – Wet wipes with lotion

DISPOWIPE FACIAL – Wet wipes with lotion


DISPOWIPE FACIAL – Wet wipes with lotion (10 pieces)

A cosmetic product for facial hygiene.

It provides instant cleanliness and an immensely fresh feeling. It contains dermatologically tested lotion that cares for the skin without altering its pH.

The packaging closure and small size make it ideal for use anywhere.



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight!

Keep away from heat or cold sources to preserve shelf life!

If the product is not stored under suitable storage conditions after opening, the product may spoil before the indicated minimum shelf life, or preferably sooner after opening, causing changes in color, odor and appearance. If this happens, the product must not be used and must be discarded.


Water, sodium benzoate, cetyl isononanoate, cetearet-20, cetearyl alcohol, perfume (fresh aloe vera extract), glycerin, glyceryl stearate, citric acid, cetearet-11, cetyl palmitate.


Do not use water to apply the product or add water to the product!

Opened product must be used within the time indicated on the label!

If used incorrectly, large or sharp rings, bracelets can break the fabric due to perforation!


  1. Open the package;
  2. Remove the napkin from the package;
  3. Clean the facial area with a cloth;
  4. To prevent drying, press out excess air from the package and seal the package.
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