Fast Opening Limb Holder

Fast Opening Limb Holder


Fast opening limb holder

Fast opening limb holder is a medical device, which is intended to be use for the immobilization of the limbs, for use in emergency room beds, and anywhere you need a medium and safe subject, avoiding sudden movements.

Equipped with a soft pad with long support bands.

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Product benefits

The quick handling limb immobilizer is a medical device designed to immobilize the patient’s limbs, it is suitable for use wherever a secure fixation measure is required to prevent sudden movements of the patient, it is equipped with long bandages and a soft pad.


  • Place the immobilizer around the patient’s wrist or ankle;
  • Adjust it to the desired size using the Velcro fastener;
  • Tie the bandages to the metal structure of the bed in such a way that they remain mobile;

Product feature

Soft and comfortable thanks to the thicker cushion.

Strong and durable, maintains normal blood circulation in the limb.

The product is breathable, prevents skin irritation, overheating and skin damage caused by excessive moisture.

The product is hygienic as it is patient specific.

Anatomically designed.


For patient-specific use only to avoid cross-contamination!

Do not use the product on damaged skin!

Do not use the product if it is contaminated, dirty or damaged!


Width 7.5 cm

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