Pediatric-neonatal limb fixator

Pediatric-neonatal limb fixator


Pediatric-Neonatal Limb Holder

The Pediatric-Neonatal Limb Holder is a medical device, which is intended to be use for the immobilization of the limbs, for use in emergency room beds and anywhere you need a medium and safe subject, avoiding sudden movements.

Used with neonatal patients where there is no need for an extreme subject.

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Instructions for use:

  1. Place the limb holder around the patient wrist or ankle;
  2. Tie the strings at the metallic structure of the bed in such a way that the limb holder remains stretched.

Product characteristics

Through adjustable Velcro closures. Strips: nonwoven polyester 100%.

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Softness. High resistance, allowing blood flow. Breathable, prevents skin irritation, suppresses overheating, moisture and maceration.


The use by more than one patient may cause a cross-infection!
Do not use the product on injured skin!
Do not use the product if it is pollutes, dirty or evidently deteriorated!


Keep away from sunlight!

Keep dry!

Shelf life: 5 years!

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