WetWipe Ethanol Disinfection MINI+det.

WetWipe Ethanol Disinfection MINI+det.


WetWipe Ethanol Disinfection MINI+det.  (ethanol wipes)

25 wipes in pack and 1 wipes disinfects 4 m2 (pack 100 m2)

2in1 cleans and disinfects simultaneously, containing 70% ethanol and detergent (detergent).

Suitable for use on surfaces that need both cleaning and disinfection.

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Wetwipe ethanol wipes for surface cleaning and disinfection. No sporicidal.

60 seconds is the maximum exposure time; with 30 seconds will kill most veg. bacteria.

Level 2  ethanol wipes

Disinfectant activity indicates that efficacy is ensured against all multidrug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, ESBL, E. coli, legionella and other vegetative bacteria Mycobacteria, as well as most viruses such as rat, corona (COVID-19), norovirus, murine. and yeasts.

Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection With Detergent are Disposable wipes, ready for simultaneous cleaning and surface disinfection. The package has a re-closable click lid.

For use in

Medical and care institutions, dentistry, blood vessels, hospitals, operating rooms, intensive care units, treatment room, patient rooms, wards and on all alcohol-resistant surfaces and various devices.

Conformity has been tested according to European Union standards: EN13727, EN16615, EN14348, EN13624, EN14476, EN13624. The duration of action against vegetative bacteria and, for example, norovirus is 30 seconds.

1 MINI pack contains 25 wipes 21x29cm, 1 wipe disinfects 4 m2

The wipe is 100% biodegradable, strong, durable and leaves no fibers on the surfaces. With convenient resealable lid and small and compact package. Wipes are strong and easy to use.

This product can be used to disinfect surfaces where the aim is to reduce the amount of bacteria or fungi, and for disinfection jobs involving noroviruses

Keep wipes in a well-ventilated, heat-protected area. Dispose of as ordinary waste. Use gloves and avoid contact with the eyes.

Please note that any area to be disinfected with alcohol MUST be cleaned first to achieve the desired effect. Alcohols are easily inactivated by organic material, which is why surfaces must be cleaned prior to disinfection with alcohol. Wet Wipe Disinfection wipes containing ethanol provide simultaneous cleaning and disinfection and thus make your workflow quicker and easier.

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