WetWipe Universal MINI

WetWipe Universal MINI


Wet Wipe Universal – A disposable wipe containing water and soap

Odorless and colorless, pH approx. 5.2 (Skin neutral)
Removes 99.9% of bacteria
Quick, easy and hygienic

1.level. The effect of the 1 level indicates that wet cleaning cloths are suitable for effective cleaning of all surfaces that are resistant to moisture. Suitable for cleaning dirty surfaces before ethanol-free disinfection, as it does not contain anionic surfactants, as well as for surfaces where the use of disinfectants is not recommended.

Easy and gentle cleaning – it is not necessary to protect your hands with gloves when using the product, as the product contains only hypoallergenic and odorless cleaning agents, so UNIVERSAL cloths are also suitable for use by allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

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For use in

Welfare, health care institutions, hospitals, clinics, health centers, dentistry, kindergartens, various institutions, cleaning service. For all wet cleaning operations both at home and at work.


Tables, chairs, remotes, telephones, sinks, furniture with vinyl and leather upholstery, mattresses, stove, refrigerator, car dashboards, etc. Also suitable for stain removal and mold removal on textile surfaces, kitchen window frames, damp corners and rotten kitchen furniture and various delicate appliances.

1 Mini box of 20 packs or 500 cloths 20x30cm

The cloth is 100% biodegradable, strong, durable and leaves no fibers on the surfaces, eco-labeled.

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