Glowet dispoclorh

Glowet dispoclorh


Glowet dispoclorh  (8 pieces)

Mitt with colourless aqueous antiseptic solution of 2% chlorhexidine digluconate.

Antiseptic wash for healthy skin.

Bactericidal Yeasticidal UNE EN 13727 UNE EN 13624 UNE EN 1499.



  1. Pull on the top label to open the package;
  2. Pull each unit just before using it;
  3. Use each unit for a different area of the body, covering the entire surface to be cleaned with all units;
  4. Smoothly rub over the skin and make sure that the whole area is moistened;
  5. Leave it on for effectiveness without forcing the drying process. Bactericidal (5 min.) and fungicide (15 min.);
  6. Discard each wash mitt after use.


Single-use only!

Do not swallow!

Do not throw into the toilet!

Throw it in the rubbish!


Keep away from light!

Keep away from rain and moisture!

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