Limb holder with hand protection glove

Limb holder with hand protection glove


Limb holder with hand protection

Provides finger separation and the best posture for the hand and its immobilization.

Made of light, breathable and comfortable material.

Indicated in hand surgery and immobilization of patients with dementia and other neurological conditions.

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  1. Insert the patient’s hand, keeping the fingers well separated to place them into the strips
  2. 2. First place the velcro on the metacarpal area.
  3. Fasten the soft foam strap above the wrist using the velcro fastener.
  4. Wrap the strap around the protector and secure firmly.
  5. Tie the strap to the bed rails or the fixed part.



Do not throw into the toilet!

Throw it in the rubbish!

Keep away from children!


Keep away from light!

Keep away from rain and moisture!

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