Opened Elbow Heel Protector

Opened Elbow Heel Protector


Opened Elbow Heel Protector

For the prevention of bedsores on the elbows or heels of patients who have to stay in bed or a chair for a long time.

It can also be used as a wound dressing as it is attached as a bandage, providing great comfort becouse it is easy to open and close after curing.

Very effective product to protect the joint because the inner reinforcement diffuses and distributes the pressure.


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Silicone polyester fiber.

Padded with synthetic wadding 100% polyester.

Internal reinforcement with high density wadding, 100% polyester.

The product is anti-allergic and anti-mold.

Straps: polyamide.


  1. Remove the product from the package;
  2. Place the protector on the elbow or heel so that the pressure point coincides with internal reinforcement position;
  3. Adjust the straps with velcro as needed.
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