Perineal Fastening Belt confort

Perineal Fastening Belt confort


Perineal Fastening Belt confort

The support belt is designed as an alternative to the traditional support vest for patients in chair-type structures.

Device designed exclusively for pelvic-abdominal positioning. Do not apply anywhere else on the body.

To keep a patient in a chair and prevent possible falls or slips.

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Instructions for using the product

1. Place the perineal belt on the wheelchair so that the back of the belt is higher than the back of the wheelchair;
2. Place the patient on the product. Place the front of the belt on the patient’s abdomen;
3. Pull the straps forward, insert them through the corresponding side fastening rings and tie them with the safety knot;
4. Cross the ribbons on the back of the chair and tie them together.

Product features

  • The comfortable design allows the patient to be supported, avoiding friction in the peritoneum area;
  • Adjustable, comfortable closures to adapt to the patient’s measurements;
  • Made of breathable material that ensures patient comfort;
  • Washable at 30ºC;
  • The straps are made of strong and durable material, which ensures comfort for the patient. Increase security;
  • The straps are extra long to be able to tie to the bed or wheelchair structure;
  • The fastenings of the product are firmly sewn, this gives the product strength and durability;
  • Contains no moving parts for added safety;
  • Length 49 cm, width 42 cm, straps 96(x2)+80(x2) cm.


Do not apply the product on any other part of the body!

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